VaynerSports Pass

A Utility-First Sports NFT Project

VSP Pass Card


VSP is a collection of unique NFTs providing holders with NFT collectibles, exclusive access to the VaynerSports agency, original content with professional athletes, and IRL raffle experiences to premier sporting events across the globe.

VSP Holder Access

  • Private Discord channels
  • Ticket raffles to the best sporting events in the world
  • Holder-only AMAs with professional athletes
  • IRL & Digital experiences with VaynerSports athletes

NFT Collections

  • Monthly gas-only mints for partner collaborations
  • NFT giveaway raffles & airdrops
  • Allow List raffles
  • POAP rewards


Purchase a VSP and join our Discord to instantly become part of a passionate community of sports and NFT enthusiasts.

Receive unique token-gated experiences including gas-only mints for curated NFT collections, giveaways, POAP rewards and private Discord channel access.

Enter raffles your VSP is eligible for to win tickets to premier sporting events across the globe. Winners will even have the ability to sell their tickets as NFTs.

The sports icons on a VSP represent the specific raffles & giveaways that VSP holders are eligible for. More icons = more entries to raffles & the more rare a VSP, the higher its raffle odds. Zero icon holders are eligible for every raffle.

VSP Rarity Tiers

Tier 1

Tier 1 - Holo graphicHologram

Tier 2

Tier 2 - Lava graphicLAVA
Tier 2 - gold graphicGold
Tier 2 - Bubblegum graphicBubblegum
Tier 2 - Diamond graphicDiamond

Tier 3

Tier 3 - Green graphicGreen (is Green)

Tier 4

Tier 4 - PurplePurple
Tier 4 - OrangeOrange
Tier 4 - BlueBlue
Tier 4 - YellowYellow
Tier 4 - RedRed

Follow along each week as VSP founder, AJ Vaynerchuk, hosts AMAs with professional athletes to give holders a behind-the-scenes look into their lives & careers.

VSP is your pass to the pros and an unprecedented sports and NFT experience.



Maximum 4 VSP

Cadence Calendar


  • VaynerSports Pass NFT Mint
  • Raffle Tech Launch
  • 7 IRL Sports Event Raffles
  • Team Starboy Partner Mint
  • Sports Things Partner Mint


  • Going Deep with AJ & Vernon Podcast Launch
  • Black Card Launch
  • More IRL Sports Event Raffles
  • More Partner Mints


  • Even More IRL Sports Event Raffles
  • More Partner Mints
  • Wild Card Game
  • Secret Project: P